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Government of India and State Governments have enacted several Acts, Rules, Policies, SOPs and Guidelines for protection of child rights. The stakeholders working under JJ System and other child protection practitioners come across several issues and challenges in implementation of children's related Act such as compliance with the procedures as mentioned in the Act and Rules, understanding the structural set ups, new developments in the field of child protection, tracking the judgments/guidelines/circulars/SOPs etc issued by various concerned authorities and so on leading to ineffective implementations of Act and Rules meant for children. In addition, these practitioners also spend a lot of time in gathering the above mentioned documents from different sources and at times miss out on important updates.

To mitigate such situation a creation of E-Library has been conceptualized. E-Library would prove to be a convenient way of providing online resource giving easy access to a plethora of Acts, Rules, Policies, SOPs, Guidelines, Circulars, Manuals, Modules & Power point presentations etc. at pan India level. The idea evolved with the objective to serve the functionaries and child protection practitioners by sharing information and knowledge available in the forms of SOPs, Guidelines, Circulars, Manuals, Modules & Power Point Presentations etc. as well as various Laws and Policies meant to deal with the issues of child protection. This E-Library will develop a mechanism to share the state and country wide learning, success, experiences, initiatives in the field of child protection with larger mass. Furthermore, an E-Library would be also provide an excellent platform for our stakeholders to do research based work.

This unique initiative has been conceptualized by Antakshari Foundation, which is working on issues of children for last two decades and currently working as technical support agency for Department for Child Rights (DCR) and Child Resource Centre – HCM RIPA, Jaipur. The E-Library is a joint venture between Antakshari Foundation, Department for Child Rights, Rajasthan and UNICEF.

We believe this E-library would be one of the essential mechanisms for our stakeholders and child protection practitioners to access relevant documents and gain information at one place and improve the functioning of various authorities working under JJ System. This comprehensive e-warehouse will have relevant materials at Pan India level.

Why E-Library

  1. A platform/warehouse where all kinds of resources related to child protection will be available at pan India level.
  2. Child Protection Practitioners will be able to access all the relevant materials of pan India from one place.
  3. This will help in enhancing the knowledge and learning of child protection functionaries.
  4. It will accelerate the pace of implementation of Laws, Policies and Schemes related to children.

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This E-Library is a joint venture between Antakshari Foundation, Department for Child Rights, Rajasthan & UNICEF.

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